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caribbean sharkCaribbean diving is the definitive website for anything to do with scuba diving, snorkelling, the Caribbean and its islands and surrounding countries. To scuba dive anywhere in the world is a wonderful experience but for most people the Caribbean has an added extra, an exotic magnetism which has lured people for hundreds of years. The concept for Caribbean diving is that in one multifaceted simple to use site one will be able to find anything from a vacation with the option of a Caribbean try dive and perhaps some snorkelling right through the range of Caribbean hotels, with the accompanying Caribbean flights to purpose built vacation dive boats. Caribbean dive shops offer everything from a Ďmask and flippers' to the most sophisticated diving equipment imaginable so of course these too must be listed. Many people combine their Caribbean vacations with the opportunity to qualify not only as divers but also for many experienced divers to upgrade their qualifications in specialised disciplines or as dive instructors or dive masters, for whatevercaribbean purpose you'll find your solution here. For the uninitiated diving is the nearest thing that we humans can do that resembles the freedom of flight, to soar or dive or hover upside down or Ďright-ways' up with almost no effort is an incredible experience added to which is the fascinating scenery with many varied and brilliantly coloured fish nearby.
Caribbean divers need accommodation, flights, boats, dive equipment, they're here. Enjoy your Caribbean holidays!
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